They committed to sustainable, pesticide free farming early on and have successfully became certified organic in 2017 and certified biodynamic in 2020.  Biodynamic farming was developed by scientist and philosopher Dr Rudolf Steiner in 1924.  Farms holding the Demeter certification help preserve wildlife and endangered species habitat, they must dedicate a minimum of 10% of its land base as a biodiversity reserve.  They measure their farm’s fertility by the ability of their soil to sustain agricultural plant growth by using green manure, crop rotation, legumes and nitrogen catch crops.  They control disease, insect and weeds through crop rotation, plant diversity and timed plantings.  Use of mulching and stale bed planting to help control the weeds.  The biggest requirement in biodynamic farming is the use of special preparations that are like healing remedies for the earth.

We are currently working closely with one biodynamic farm in Ridgeville, ON.


Rumar Farm


Ruth Gatzke and Marc McKerracher operate their 2nd generation mixed farm located at 219 Canboro Rd in Ridgeville. Rumar is certified organic and uses biodynamic farming principles and practices. They grow tender fruit, berries, heirloom vegetables and melons.  They also have honey bees on their farm and this year will have fresh eggs from their new chickens.