The best berry is one that grew in a forest naturally and was devoured the moment it was picked. After all, the best tasting, most nutritious foods are the ones eaten right off the branch.


Unfortunately, unless you live in a forest and have learned the art of combatting bears you probably don’t come across such a perfect fruit that often — and if you do, you’ve probably traveled far, broken a serious sweat, lost a few ripe ones along the way and had to share the rest with everyone who wasn’t keen on joining you on your noble expedition (but if that’s you, then apply here).

Or maybe you’ve got a garden of your own in your backyard and have managed to defy the efforts of wolf-sized raccoons, depraved rabbits, and about 495 species’ of birds all clawing for survival. Not to mention bugs and your neighbour Cathy who’s constantly pressing you about when you think those strawberries will be good to go. But I assume if that speaks to you, you wouldn’t be here looking for food, unless of course those raccoons did indeed betray you.

No. You’re here because you live in a city. Right. There’s more pavement here. Less deer. More human folk. You have to work. Catch up on shows. And try to stay healthy.



What do you do?

How do you go about living your life and doing the things you want to do while simultaneously eating the best tasting, most nutritious produce around town?


Well, I know this company.


Strangely enough, it’s run by my brother and myself with the help of several hardworking friends eager to devote their summers to the local food movement. What we do is source local farms, drive there several times a week ourselves and pick up the freshest fruits and vegetables of the season. We then rush back to the city where we set up camp every single day from June till October selling our spoils to the public.

If you’re looking for that near perfect taste mother nature cooks up better than anyone but you don’t have the means of picking it yourself we can offer you the next freshest thing. Nearly all of our produce is grown within 120km of Toronto and by the time it hits our tables it may have been picked as little as a couple hours prior to your arrival!


The only people between you and the farmer is us.

See you this summer!

Steve + Matt + the team at Muddy Crops