**Only available Fridays, Saturdays” 3 styles available: - Sourdough Baguette (prairie hard red)- Brown Pan Loaf (prairie hard red, light red fife)- Bird Pan Loaf (prairie hard red, light red fife, flax, sesame, poppy, pumpkin, sunflower **Baked yesterday options available on discount**

Sourdough Bread; Organic, Brodflour

  • Muddy Crops is proud to deliver Brodflour's sourdough baguettes to your door.  Their vision begins with the flour.  Flour comes from a living plant and loses its freshness like any other produce.  They are able to provide this fresh flour through a stone mill they plopped into their bakery.  

    Their flour is stone milled every day in their bakery.  They are the only bakery in the city that does this.  

    Fresh baked and delivered every single day.